Multimedia Artist; Drawing, singing, writing, voice dubbing, and dancing.

Hello there. The name's Andrea and I'm an eighteen year old female who is bisexual.

I am an artist, have always been one ever since I was five. I am also an amateur musical artist practicing on covers and remixes.My interests range in many fandoms but the one show I love 24/7 is SMG4 and The Amazing World of Gumball. Other shows I love are The Cuphead Show!, Amphibia, OMORI, Bluey, and so much more. Anime counts too. I also love games such as Super Mario, Amanda The Adventurer, Undertale, The Legend of Zelda, and lots of more games. I also am a bookworm too, mostly into manga and graphic novels like Seance Tea Party.My only triggers are if you ignore my advice or you recap my destructive past, whether you are a troll or not. Otherwise, you'll enjoy my presence as long as you have fun and not be a jerk. :)